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Became mayor in amid charges of election fraud by Henry George supporters. His murder at the hands of Lew Baker resulted in one of the most publicized trials in the kn history.

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This is a list of identities referenced in Herbert Asbury 's book The Gangs of New York including underworld figures, gang members, crime fighters and others of the Old New York new orleans from the mid- to late 19th and early 20th century. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Forty Thieves New York gang. Tub of Blood Bunch. New York Police Department.

New York draft riots. The Gangs of New York. The Authors' Syndicate, The Chronicles of a Famous Street. New York and London: Mix and Samuel A. The New York Tombs: Its Secrets and Its Mysteries. The Encyclopedia of American Crime. Facts on File Inc. All Around the Town: The Apaches of New York.

Recollections of a New York Chief of Police: Caxton Book Concern, Chelsea House Publishers, Thunder's Mouth Press, McCall Old Company, Cops, Crooks, and Criminologists: Oxford University Press, On the Town in New York: The Secrets of the Great City: Vol 1, New York City Guide. This Was New York!: Retrieved from " https: Criminals from New York City.

Use mdy dates from April Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gang leader and " dandy " whose involvement in the theft of Herman Segal's jewelry store resulted in the arrests of himself and several members aston martin dbs casino royal the gang. He and Duck Reardon led several members in the robbery of Herman Segal's jewelry store, supposedly to raise money for members to attend a fancy dress ball at New Irving Hall, and was arrested days later with Reardon and other participants of the robbery.

Founder and leader of the gang during the s. Member of the Bowe crime family led by his brother Martin Bowe. Saloon keeper and head of the criminal family which operated out of his Catherine Slip saloon known as the Glass House. Bartender and criminal associate. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife after she refused to help him rob a drunken sailor.

One of the more colorful political figures in his day, he was also the longtime ward boss of Chinatown up until the turn of the 20th century. Pseudonym of the supposed leader of the Bowery Boys and casino at eagle the s who was well known for battling members of the Dead Rabbits and other gangs.

Charton gambling house in old new orleans was later the subject of a play written by Chanfrau entitled Mose, the Bowery B'hoy and performed at house old Olympic Theater in Associate of the Bowery Boys and brother-in-law of Bill Poole. Popular sportsman known as "Bill The Butcher", he was one of the most recognized members of the Bowery Boys during the s and 50s. His murder at the hands of Lew Baker resulted in one of the most publicized trials in the city's history.

One of the few career criminals of the street gang, he was one of the city's most notorious underworld figures during the mid-to late 19th century. Lieutenant and longtime companion of Mose the Fireboy. He is supposed to have coined the phrase "hold de butt" which refers to a "dead cigar". Politician and pugilist who was said to have fought heavyweight champion John Morrissey for the right to court Duane Street madam Kate Ridgely.

The two were eventually convicted and executed for murder in He and "Big Bill" Lingley were convicted of murder and executed in During the summer ofshe led the group of river pirates to pillage up and down the Hudson River. Supposed leader of the criminal organization based in " Corcoran's Roost " founded by his father Jimmy Corcoran. He and Nicholas Saul were the co-leaders of the Daybreak Boys during the early s.

They were both hanged for murder when they shot and killed a watchman while robbing the brig William Watson. Co-leader of the Daybreak Boys with William Howlett. He and Howlett were convicted and hanged for murder after killing the watchman during the robbery of the brig William Watson. A close associate, but reportedly ineffectual, member of the Daybreak Boys. A participant in the robbery of the brig William Watson with William Howlett and Nicholas Saul, he was so drunk casino kibris "he was unable to lend a hand at the oars" and was later arrested with them after a gunfight with police at their Slaughter House Point headquarters.

Of the three, Johnson was sentenced to life imprisonment and the others to be hanged. Member of the Daybreak Boys during the s. He eventually abandoned the Daybreak Boys to join a burglary gang operating in the Five Points. After Slobbery Jim left New York for the murder of Patsy The Barber, he and the gang operated out of his bar, The Rising Stateswith his girlfriend Molly Maher until his arrest for in a dock robbery and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Slobbery Jim was later the bicycle club casino california to flee the city after murdering fellow member Patsy the Barber. His murder by Slobbery Jim forced the gang leader to flee the city. Dive keeper whose Slaughter House Point dive bar and gin mill was used as a headquarters for the Daybreak Boys.

Supposed founder of the Dead Rabbits who led a faction of disgruntled members of the Roach Guards to establish the gang during the s. Saloon keeper and owner of the Water Street resort Sportsman's Hallhe and Tommy Allen served as lieutenants to Shang Allen and later became leaders of the Dead Rabbits during the s and 60s. One-time pugilist, sportsman and gambler, Casino net remove star was one of the most visible figures among Tammany Hall supporters who fought against the Know Nothing party during san marco casino curacao s and 50s.

One of the most prominent female fighters allied with the Dead Rabbits during the early s, she was said to have filed her teeth into points and wore long nails of brass while battling rival gangs from the Bowery. Bowery character and son-in-law of Dead Rabbits leader Kit Burns who took bets at Sportsman Hall to bite the head off of a mouse for ten cents and decapitate a rat for a quarter.

Leader of the Dutch Mob known as "Sheeny Mike". He and the others were run out of their home territory, located between Houston and Fifth Street, by a "flying squad" under police captain Anthony Allaire in One of the co-founders of the Dutch Mob.

He and other gang members were run out of the district by the NYPD in The third co-founder of the Dutch Mob and brother of Babe Irving. Johnny Irving was shot and killed by rival gang member Johnny the Mick in Shang Draper 's saloon in After killing Johnny the Mick, he himself was immediately gunned down by Shang Draper. A regular criminal associate, he was a well-known burglar and member of the George Leonidas Leslie gang. One of the last great gang chieftains who founded the Eastman Gang and feuded with Paul Kelly and the Five Points Gang over control of New York's underworld at the turn of the 20th century.

A longtime member of the Eastmans, "Big Jack" Zelig took over the gang following the death of Kid Twist and was perhaps its last powerful leader prior to his murder by Red Phil Davidson in His murder, although never proven, was thought to have been motivated by his testimony as a star witness in the Charles Becker murder charton gambling house in old new orleans. A criminal associate of the Five Points Gang supposedly involved with its leader Jack Sirocco to murder Jack Zelig the day before his testimony in the Becker-Rosenthal murder trial.

Associate of Chick Tricker and manager of his Bowery dive bar. Killed during a struggle for leadership of the Eastmans with Kid Twist. Invented a method of execution later used in the film The Godfather. Former circus strongman known as "Cyclone Louis".

A close associate of Kid Twist, he was employed as his bodyguard and was later ambushed and killed alongside Kid Twist by Five Points gunman Louis Pioggi. A veteran member and longtime lieutenant to Monk Eastman known as "Ike the Blood". Among his many establishments, he owned a Park Row saloon which competed against Jack McManus 's New Brighton dance hall with their underworld feud eventually resulting in McManus's death.

He succeeded Eastman as leader of the gang after the murder of Richie Fitzpatrick, another rival lumer casino leadership, in He and Cyclone Louie were later gunned down by Louis Pioggi three years later. A close associate of Kid Twist, he is believed to have killed Richie Fitzpatrick on his orders and later took over the East Side stuss game run by The Bottler.

Young criminal associate of Monk Eastman who was arrested with Eastman for the infamous street mugging of which resulted in Eastman's 10 year imprisonment in Sing Sing. Criminal associate of Jack Sirocco who was killed in a filed attempt to murder Jack Zelig.

Bowery drug peddler who organized and later monopolized the selling of chloral and morphine. Coney Island dancing girl and girlfriend of Kid Twist.

One of the most famous was the New Southport Club, which operated as an illegal casino from the s to the s. Mobster Carlos. A law allowing gambling was passed in spite of the family's lobbying, Despite everything her family, the restaurant dynasty, could muster, a casino may be built in New Orleans. said the year-old doyenne of New Orleans dining. . At Cafe Lafitte she had met Leon Uris, Charlton Heston, Lillian. When the captain still didn't move, Grampin pushed him and the old man fell or so after the American annexation of New Orleans, the gambling houses were as Cyr's on Chartres Street and Pradat's, Elkin's and Charton's on Canal Street.

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